Wednesday, July 9, 2008

About a Year Later!!

Well It's been a while and a lot has changed since I last blogged:

Healed my hand. (Mostly)

Traveled all across the South Pacific with my family! Visited the East Coast of Queensland, The Outback and Dawrin, Syndey, New Zeland (South Island), and Fiji!!

Now its halfway through 2008!

I worked at Blackhawk after getting home in December then had Spring Semester at Chico State.

I also started a new job with the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations on campus at Chico State. It's wonderful and now I'm the summer intern helping with events and the freshman parent program.

Moved into a new place in Chico with Tiffany (roomie from OZ)

We spent spring break in Portland with Michelle and Andy!

This summer has been crazy already with the fires up in Chico we havent seen the sun in what feels like weeks!

So Far:

I celebrated graduation with Monica and Lindsey

Celebrated Grandma and Grandpa Svanberg's 60th wedding anniversary!

Visited Annmarie's cabin in Twain Harte before she left for North Carolina!

Attended and helped with the Ammerman wedding. Congrats Pete and Bree!

Spent the 4th in Tahoe with Mom, Carol, Marissa and David.

Now were heading home this weekend for Christin Forsberg's wedding! at beautiful Wente Vineyards!

And shortly after that the Australians arrive on the West Coast for Road Trip 2008! Were going to SLO, Santa Cruz, SF, Livemore, Yosemite and Tahoe!! Its going to be a blast!

Ok enough for now on the update!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Its official my right hand is out of commision

So I just thought I should let you all know what happened...Thursday morning i was getting ready for school and showering when i was getting out of our glass shower the door came off its hinge and went crashing down taking me with it. i was thinking in my head i hope it doesnt shatter... well it did and i fell into it. i opened my eyes to a scene from psycho with blood and glass everywhere as i screamed for tiffany my roommate as i looked down at my hand gushing blood. somehow i managed to get out of the bathroom where i got some clothes on and called a taxi. we rushed to the emergency room at gold coast hospital and waited for about 2 hours to get in! my xrays showed some glass in my hand and i had lots of cuts down my right leg. it really could have been much worse i didnt get any glass in my eyes or my face. anyways i thought i was just going to need stitches on my palm until i realized i couldnt feel my middle fingerat all and it wouldnt move. after a very tearful discussion with the doctors they explained i needed surgurey on my hand if i was going to feel or move it again. they ten brought me upstairs where we waited until friday morning to go into the theatre or OR. it was so scary but tiff stayed by my side the whole time. after 4 hours of repairing tendons and nerves i came out into recovery. i guess i react badly to anstehtic bc i vomited a lot. then more vomiting and no food! they wouldnt let me eat before or after the operation! one more night alone in the hospital and finally tiff brought me home. the ladies at school from study abroad were very nice And we had friends come and visit but overall i now need 6-8 weeks in a splint and physical therapy. not to mention i get to type with one hand. im very thankful to be ok but i miss my family and friends a lot. thanks for all your prayers and hopefully ill be typing 2 handed soon.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Contact Info

Hi There!

Here is my mailing Address:
1106-3-15 Orchid Ave
Surfers Paradise, QLD 4217

And to call me at home you dial:


Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Hey All I forgot to Add that I got Skype!! So now we can video chat!! Its free to download and if you have a webcam we can see each other.

My ID is christiekeller3 or you can search my email

I also have AIM and my screen name is christiekel913

Lets chat soon!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Finally Here!!!

Hey!! I cant believe I'm writing this blog from an internet cafe below our apartment in Australia!!
We've finally gotten settled in and were here to stay!
The 13 hour flight went surprisingly well and we searched for an apartment all day only to find the most amazing one! Tiffany and I are going to be living with a guy from Chico/Durham named Ty who is really nice and his girlfriend Tori who will be out here in a few weeks.

We had our orientation at school yesterday and are still trying to figure out the bus system! We went shopping for our apartment, during the whole process I managed to loose my cell phone on the second day I had it! We are going back today to look for it again and I have a good feeling I will be able to recover it.

Anyways its pretty cold here it being winter and all but I had planned for weather in the 65-70 range and its definately much colder. So with that in mind were trying to plan an activity this weekend and have decided to forgo the surfing lesson, the water is quite cold!
We might head out to the rainforest or whale watching!!

So thats it for now I will try to give more updates soon!

I love you all!!

Here are some pictures of the apartment!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Leavin on a Jet Plane.....

Hey Y'all!
I'm about to embark on the craziest adventure yet! Tomorrow night I leave on a Red-Eye for Brisbane Australia!
I cant really explain the mix of emotions I have right now... pretty much I'm an an excited mess. I'm so stoked to meet new people, live in a foreign country, hang out at the beach, but im also very uneasy for all that I'm leaving behind. My Livermore family, my Chico Younglife Family, David, and all the important events I am going to miss, weddings and what not.
But I know this is the current plan for me and there is some purpose to it.
Anyways thats how I'm feeling joy and sorrow wise. I cant wait to be there but I'm so sad to say goodbye for such a long time to the ones I love! Now I've got to get back outside and help my mom clean for tonight's party!!

Here is a pic of the Surfer's Paradise Beach and a map of the Gold Coast location.


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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Rhody!! How the Islanders say Rhode Island!

Check out some pics: